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Champions Inc will strive to make sure that each child will be able to code. We inculcate coding as a habit.For this we build the foundation very carefully starting with a Mathematical background on which we build logicand develop critical thinking of a child.

Once the foundation is laid, we build the thinking process through algorithms, flowcharts and pseudocode using
various technologies.Coding is inculcated in a child friendly manner and interlaced with various technologies like Raspberry Pi,
Arduino, BBC Microbit, Micropython etc. to broaden their technical horizon.By the age of 16 we aim to graduate "Coding Champions" who can take the world in their stride.

Use Cases:

Each Student will have his portfolio of projects which he can build on and create programs and apps which can be used
as school / college projects.
The student can participate in coding fests across the world.
Student will be encouraged to share his/her projects across communities pitting him/her across the best in the world. 
This will give him/her scope to showcase his/her talent and also to improve with peers across the world.
Essentially the students can build on their coding knowledge and pick up related coding technologies quickly. 

We believe one need not have Computer degrees to code. The right environment is what matters.
Some Examples :

In 1973, Bill Gates enrolled at Harvard, where he studied mathematics and computer science. However, Gates was more interested in pursuing his own coding, and when he saw an opportunity to found his own company, he dropped out of Harvard without finishing his course.

Steve Jobs, a dropout of Reed College in Portland, Ore., and Steve Wozniak, a dropout of the University of California, Berkeley, joined forces and founded Apple Computer in 1976. The two became friends when Jobs worked for a summer at HP, where Wozniak was working on a mainframe computer.

In 1984, 19-year-old pre-med student Michael Dell dropped out of the University of Texas at Austin and founded "PCs Limited" with just $1,000. 

Entrepreneur Kevin Rose enrolled in the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he majored in computer science, but dropped out to code software. In 2004, the 27-year-old launched Digg, a social news Website, with just $1,200.

Mark Zuckerberg, dropped out of Harvard University in 2004 with cofounders Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Huges to work on Facebook fulltime.

Michael Dell was a freshman at the University of Texas at Austinwhen he decided to drop out.He was a biology major but computer is what excited him at school. In 1984, Dell foundedDell Computer Corp.

Larry Ellison left the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign after his sophomore year, then attended one semester at the University of Chicago before dropping out and moving to Northern California.Later, while working for Ampex Corporation, he created a database for the CIA, which he named "Oracle." 

Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Ek, who reportedly founded his first company when he was 14 years old, is perhaps best-known for starting up music streaming service Spotify in 2008. Prior to Spotify, Ek enrolled at the Royal Institute of Technology but did not complete his degree.

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